IMF Fast Loop No Bake Molding System With IMF

Automatic Mold Closer (900mm x 1100mm x 400/400mm),

18 Molds Per Hour, New 1996, Installed 1998

With: 25 TPH IMF Model T36/25 Articulated Arm Sand Mixer, 3 Part Resin System, Sand Heaters, Compaction Table, Rollover, Mold Coating Station, Hydraulics for Closer, 3 Section Mold Storage Conveyors, Pouring Cooling Shakeout with Quiptec 12 Station Carousel, 2 Tier Mold Conveyor, & 8 TPH Shakeout, Presently Removed and in Storage


IMF Fast Loop Upgrade to 30 MPH in 2002 With 10 T Shakeout with Water Cooled Bearings, Robot Manipulator, Closed Mold Transfer Station, Over/Under Mold Storage, Pouring, and Over/Under Cooling Conveyors, Preheat Station, Tilt and Painting Station Presently shrink wrapped and in crates-Never been in service







Complete Shell Sand Plant - South Australia Location

Self-contained shell sand plants (250 Kg batch capacity, ~ 2.5 Tonne / hr) with test equipment, comprising :

Plant (main components)

.    Raw sand feed belt conveyor, bucket elevator and screw conveyor

.    B&P Model 500 Speedheater (with batch hopper)

.    B&P Model 40-A Shell Sand Speedmuller  (horizontal mulling action) with cooling fan

.    Sand screen with air cooling

.    Product bucket elevator

.    Semi-automatic controls (via PLC and HMI screen)

.    Semi-automatic granulated resin dispensing system

.    Support ingredient preparation area

.    All service platforms plus load centre (switchboard)

.    Associated spares and ancillary equipment


Test Equipment

.    Dietert 365-180 Hot / Cold Shell Tensile Tester (with timer controls and calibration weights)

.    Simpson Gerosa 42114 Hot Distortion Tester (and printer)

.    Simpson Gerosa 42109 Test Piece Blower (and specimen patterns)

.    Simpson Gerosa 42105 Permeability Tester (and adapter)

.    Ridsdale-Dietert Motor Driven Universal Sand Strength Machine (limit switch mechanism requires reassembly)

.    Peelback tester

.    Meltpoint tester

.    Associated spares and ancillary equipment















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