SINTO Molding Machines

  • Sinto Automatic Molding Line, Available End of June, 2015  

    Model FBO-III-R, 20" X 24"

    New in Year 2000, S/N RS-2610

    Vulcan Engineering Linear Trudex Handling Line, PLC Control Panel, Hydraulic Pump

    47 Triple Cars = 141 Total Molds

    Pouring Zone is 15 Stations

    Cooling Line: 126 Molds @ 120 MPH = 63 Minutes of Cooling Time

                             126 Molds @ 80 MPH = 94 Minutes of Cooling Time

    37 Weights and Jackets, All Available Spares at time of Removal








  • DISAmatic Model 2013 Mk5B, S/N 98.2912, 1998, 650 X 535,18 Meter AMC, Hydraulic Pump for AMC, Quick Pattern Changer, Allen Bradley PLC, With Hydraulic Pump, Low Mold Count, approx 7 million (photo)

  • DISAmatic 2013 MK5B, New Year 2000, QPC, CSE, AMC, 650 X 535
  • DISAmatic 2013 MK1, Upgraded in 1995 with PLC, Hydraulic Core Setter, Some Spares, 600 X 480

IMF "FAST LOOP" Molding Line, For Immediate Sale

IMF Fast Loop No Bake Molding System With IMF


Automatic Mold Closer (900mm x 1100mm x 400/400mm),


18 Molds Per Hour, New 1996, Installed 1998


With: 25 TPH IMF Model T36/25 Articulated Arm Sand Mixer,


3 Part Resin System, Sand Heaters, Compaction Table, Rollover,


Mold Coating Station, Hydraulics for Closer, 3 Section Mold Storage

Conveyors, Pouring Cooling Shakeout with Quiptec 12 Station


Carousell,  2 Tier Mold Conveyor, & 8 TPH Shakeout,


Presently removed from service and in storage



IMF Fast Loop Upgrade to 30 MPH in 2002 With 10 T Shakeout with

Water Cooled Bearings, Robot Manipulator, Closed Mold Transfer

Station, Over/Under Mold Storage, Pouring, and Over/Under


Cooling Conveyors, Preheat Station, Tilt and Painting Station


Presently shrink wrapped and in crates-Never been in service



HUNTER Molding Machines

  • HUNTER Parts for HMH-220 Turntable, Gear Box Recently Rebuild, Tables, Weights, Jackets

  • HUNTER Automatic Matchplate Molding Machine, Model HMP-20C, 20" X 24", Deep Flask 120 Molds Per Hour, Touch Pad PLC, With Accumulating Conveyor and Bottom Board Return Conveyor, Optional HMH-220 Turntable with Weights and Jackets, Spares (photos)

  • HUNTER HMH-220 Turntable, Single Level, 24 Mold Positions, With Controls (photo)

  • HUNTER Model 20E Molding Machine, 20" X 24", Shallow Flask, 1996

  • HUNTER HMP-20D Molding Machines, (2 Available), 1994, 20" X 24" Deep Flask

  • HUNTER HMP-20C Molding Machines, (3 Available), 1979 - 1982, 20" X 24", Deep Flask, PLC

  • HUNTER HMP-10C, 14" X 19", New 1985, With Core Setter, PLC (photo)

  • HUNTER HMP-10C Molding Machine, 14" X 19", With Allen Bradley PLC, With Spares

  • HUNTER HMP-10 Molding Machine, 14" X 19", Upgraded Controls

HUNTER Model 20C Molding Line, Shallow Flask, Upgraded by Hunter in 2005, Includes

  • 1 Hunter 20C, updated 2005, Shallow Flask

  • 1 Craneway w11' x L40' x H10' (14 Weights) Unbolts and breaks down into pieces

B&P Automatic Molding Machines

  • B&P 2016 Molding Machine, Upgraded with PLC, Spares, Very Good Condition (photo)

  • B&P 2620 Matchblomatic, Upgraded with PLC and Large List of Spares, Including (3) Flask Sets
  • B&P 2016 With Continumatic Mold Handling Line, New 1993, With PLC, Newer Style Machine  
  • B&P Continumatic Mold Handling Line, For B&P 2016, Complete with Weights and Jackets   
  • Beardsley & Piper Spare for BSM-2620, Spare Hydraulic Pump 50HP
  • Spare (NEW) Flask for 2620 Roto Matchblomatic Machine
  • (3) Spare NEW Flasks for 2620 BSM260 Matchblomatic

BMM Molding Machines 

  • OSBORN Jolt Squeeze Pin Lift Machine, Model 716-RJW, S/N 19171-A, 22" X 34" Table
  • BMM BT-7 Molding Machine, Jolt Squeeze Rollver, PLC, Model NL923, Serial Number DH4310, With Longer Stroke Option, CLICK To SEE IT RUNNING


  • (2) BMM BT-7 Jolt Squeeze Turnover Machines (photo)

  • BMMQJS-230, 940 X 1270 Table, 30", With Roller Lift Top (photo)

  • BMM CT-6 Jolt Squeeze Pin Lift, REBUILT (photo)


  • (3) BMM BT-1 Jolt Squeeze Rollover Machine, Table Size 21" X 30", 500 Lb. Jolt Capacity



  • BEARDSLEY AND PIPER, Complete Flask set for B&P 2620 Roto Matchblomatic
  • BEARDSLEY AND PIPER, Cope Flask for 2016 Machine, NEW


  • OSBORN 212-RJW, Whisper Ram, S/N 19283-K (photo)

  • OSBORN Jolt Squeeze Machines, Model 212R
  • OSBORN 3161 "RJW" Rotalift, Whisper Ram, with Matchplate Handler
  • OSBORN 3161 Rotalift Molding Machine, For Parts 
  • SPO Jolt Squeeze Machines, Model 113PJ and 110J 
  • Beardsley & Piper Spare Hydraulic Pack for BSM-2620, Spare Hydraulic Pump 50HP  
  • HUNTER HMP20E, 1996, With Parts, Needs PLC

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